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Our Approach

When you hire RHBS you get me and my executive team, not middle manager or some “Account Rep”. We put nothing between us and our clients”

Our Approach

We approach each situation individually. Although we have proven philosophies, systems and procedures to operate clubs, we realize that each facility has it own personality, potential and limitations. We consider your geographic nuances, dynamics and resources before we can determine if there is a high probability of success.

To determine if we can help we look at five areas of your club:

  1. Current financial picture
  2. Area demographics
  3. Area competition
  4. Club position in marketplace
  5. Future market share and profit center growth potential

If we can help, we will follow up the analysis with a business plan and a 5 year pro forma. Then we help you implement the plan and any new recommended systems, policies and procedures.

Client Cheers!

" RHBS shines through with in-the-trenches expertise, attention to detail, and an innate ability to look in from outside the clubs four walls and proactively suggest steps toward measurable improvement. Phil Kaplan, Founder, Phil Kaplan Fitness "
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RHB Solutions | Health Club Management Services
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