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Why RHB Solutions?

We are a small company with large company experience and resources. We limit the number of clients we work with at any one time which allows us to provide world class personal service. Most importantly, we have a successful track record. When you hire RHBS you get the executive team. We do not delegate client interaction to support staff or middle management. It limits us from serving a mass number of clients at one time but we believe delivering 100% satisfaction is a better long term strategy.


“RHBS shines through with in-the-trenches expertise, attention to detail, and an innate ability to look in from outside the club’s four walls and proactively suggest steps toward measurable improvement.”
Phil Kaplan, Founder, Phil Kaplan Fitness

”A creative trouble shooter and an impressive operator.”
Terry Dezzutti, COO, Meritt Athletic Clubs

“Rick is a wonderful motivator and meticulous organizer. He turns seemingly complicated business management into simple easy to follow solutions. When Rick visited our club he fit in immediately and got to know the key people and how we operate. He wasted no time and made every moment count before and after the visits. We recommend him highly and trust his knowledge and advice.”
E. Piazza, Managing Director and Co-Owner, Sportivo Fitness, St Lucia, West Indies

“Rick is a master communicator. He can identify communication breakdowns and bridge gaps.”
Peter Kroon, Twin Oaks Software

“He has the complete package. A solid resource for anyone in the industry.”
Roger Harvey, Partner, Big Al’s Fitness

“RHB Solutions took complete control of the management of the operation from onset of the relationship. Their approach was thoughtful and thorough as it related to my company. Their management experience allowed me to pursue business development opportunities both inside and outside the business. As the relationship grew, it was easy to rely on them for real time information about activity at the facility. Looking inside as the new management structure took hold, effective administrative changes took place that improved the operation. The same was true of the financial management of the business. My business entered its healthiest phase under RHB Solutions management. I highly recommend them to any owner interested in highly effective management from a trustworthy and reliable source.”
Sean O’Brien, President and Founder or Perfect Competition, Inc.

Client Cheers!

" He has the complete package. A solid resource for anyone in the industry. Roger Harvey, Partner, Big Al's Fitness "
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RHB Solutions | Health Club Management Services
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